17 april 2007

Än en gång om Wal-Mart och Kina

Vi råkade hitta en intressant artikel om Wal-Mart i Kina i den amerikanska marxistiska tidskriften Political Affairs.

En kinesisk fackföreningsaktivist Yang Wanxiong som bor i Peking skriver "Scaling the Great Wal-Mart of China (Down to Size)".

"In recent years, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), the largest labor organization in the world, has launched a time-consuming, seesaw battle with Wal-Mart, the largest multinational retailer in the world. The prolonged struggle between unionization and counter-unionization, waged by the ACFTU and the management of Wal-Mart (China), lasted for four years, and finally ended with a result that created a great sensation in China and throughout the world. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the ACFTU had now succeeded in setting up grassroots unions at all of Wal-Mart's 60 branch stores in China within a period of two months. How did the ACFTU manage to establish unions at Wal-Mart? What are the implications of this achievement?"

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