29 januari 2006

Rote raketen

Den tyska agitpropgruppen Rote raketen, sent 1920-tal eller tidigt 1930-tal.

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Charles Lecinq sa...

Could you give some information (better in English) about Die Rote Raketen? Im very interested in kabarett groups, texts and images.

Röda raketer sa...

Rote Raketen was one of many Communist agit-prop groups in Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s. We don't have much more information about their work except that we have listened to their songs "Gaslied", "Niggersong" and "Rote raketen". We have also heard "Niggersong" performed by Ernst Busch.
If you find any more information by yourself we would welcome an extension of that information to us.
Best wishes